The Blue Devils Are Coming Off A Humbling 14-point Loss To Virginia Tech.

But while he recovers it will fall to Capel to navigate Duke through this tricky period. The Blue Devils are coming off a humbling 14-point loss to Virginia Tech. While it would be easy to pin the loss on the absence of Allen, that would also both discredit the Hokies and overlook the fact that Our site Duke couldn’t defend a doorpost. Virginia Tech shot 61 percent from beyond the arc, the Blue Devils’ defense so porous Krzyzewski went to a zone. That needs to be fixed — and quickly. The reality is that the calendar may say January, but for the Blue Devils it’s more like mid-November. Earlier this season Krzyzewski said his team could barely hold a normal practice, what with all of the guys out (Allen missed time with a toe injury, too). That the bulk of the injuries have hit unseasoned freshmen doesn’t help. As good as they are, Harry Giles , who has played in just three games and Jayson Tatum and Marques Bolden , who have appeared in six apiece, are still working through the learning curve.

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